Campground Syndrome

I am not sure what causes it. There must be something within human nature that gives us the desire to want to be close. I don’t mean close as in friendship or comradery. I mean close in proximity. You can try this easy experiment out for yourself. Go into a public place, like your school’s library and sit in a place where there is no one. Chances are, you wont be sitting peacefully on your own for very long. Your once tranquil study spot is now infested with chatty people. When you look around the rest of the library, there are many empty seats, but no, they have to chose the seats next to you. Then they speak as loud as they possibly can and it is irritating when you are in the midst of midterms and need to study.

This happens a lot in movie theatres. Where I live, you have the option to pick your seats out in advance like an actual theatre. I have learnt my lesson not to purchase my movie ticket too much in advance. If you are the first to buy a set of tickets, guaranteed there will be others who will want to sit close to you. Even if the movie theatre is full of empty seats, it doesn’t matter. It’s a nuisance when they take the row in front of you, especially when they are super tall with long giraffe necks and you’re just abnormally short.

This also happens during sales. Some people are vultures. If there is a $5.99 bin with DVDs (you know the ones that are already on Netflix and no one cares about) and you decide to look through the bin, an overly curious human will join you. They will watch as you pick through the DVDs while failing to pretend as if they are not looking at everything you examine.

Their internal monologue: I wonder what she has there? $5.99 is so cheap. I will look at all the DVDs she picks up and then puts down. Before she knows it, I will snatch it away and claim it! Wahahahha!

Me: I actually don’t care. I’m just killing time. *picks the lowest budget DVD in the bin and looks over it thoroughly and places it back in the bin* *the curious human picks it up and looks at it with actual genuine interest because they think I’m interested* Wahahhaah!

I call this phenomenon “campground syndrome” because this phenomenon is best illustrated with trailers. When my parents and I used to go camping when I was a kid, we would bring our tent-trailer to a location where there was no one in sight. A perfect oasis of tranquility to connect with nature. Then, all of a sudden, a large trailer would pull up beside my family’s little tent-trailer (every time). They could’ve gone anywhere; the park was full of wide EMPTY spaces. Yet, they had to install themselves a few meters away. Soon enough you would find my family’s tent trailer crammed in the middle of a community of surrounding trailers. The rest of the park, of course, was empty and stayed empty.



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